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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Bad habits are hard to break

I have a problem that has gotten out of control. Get your minds out of the gutter it isn't illegal just addictive. Coffee, caffeine, sugar COFFEE! I have been trying to stop my coffee habit for months now. I always have an excuse. I will wait until the creamer is gone because it was so expensive. Creamer is gone but there is still coffee and I wouldn't want it to go stale. I buy more creamer and the insanity starts over.

Lucky for me I woke up with a head cold this morning. I drank herbal tea for breakfast and decided I might as well start my coffee free existence today. What did I do? Am I really going cold turkey?

NO!! I almost made it though. I resisted the coffee until 2 p.m. but I had such a headache that I figured I would try just one cup. I was smart though and had a cup of instant java. YUK!!!!! It did the trick though. I feel better and did not enjoy the cup of java so one was all I had.

Hopefully my kids will find something to occupy their time while I let loose on the world in a caffeine withdrawal haze.

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