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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

supplement update

Again this is really just for me
they are all gluten free, dye free, casein free, and filler free

2 capsules of super nu thera
carnitine fumarate
acetyl carnitine
zinc picolate
vit D3
oil of oregano
co q 10
vit c
fish oil
pro bio gold (probiotic)

Time to Kombucha

I have learned how easy it is to make kombucha so here I go.
First you need a scoby or mushroom. I aquired mine at the westin price conference from an amish family.

step 1: make tea I used 3 qts of water 4 tea bags and 1c. sugar.
step 2: cool to room temp
step 3: add scoby (that is what is floating in the tea)
step 4: cover with a breathable cloth (beware fruit flies love this)
step 5: wait 2 to 3 weeks to stop fermenting

step 6: take scoby out and strain
all done

of course I wanted fruit flavors so I fermented a second time
this bottle is sweet cherries from the freezer

next I just added the plain kombucha back and let ferment for a couple days. I then strained and put in the fridge.

we did 2 flavor and one plain

left to right
plain, cherry, raspberry

I liked the cherry best. Jeffrey liked the raspberry. Jordan not so much.
Health note do not take more than 4 oz it is a very strong probiotic

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

It has been a year

I started this blog a year ago so I would have a place to keep my thoughts and maybe help someone else out who was just beginning their journey. Jordan went dairy free the day after Thanksgiving and gluten free 3 weeks later.

I have learned a ton the entire time. My life has changed dramatically over the course of a year. In the first month he lost 8 pounds but over the course of the year he gained 16 more. That is an amazing amount of weight for him. Of course he is still skinny but I can't count his rib bones anymore. I have to point out that he has never been ill if he catches a cold it is for a day at the most.

We all started reading labels and I was shocked at what I was feeding my kids. It is amazing to me how many new words they use now for MSG. I decided to cut out all food colorings and flavorings. So now we are gluten free, dairy free, color free, MSG free, and not free but seriously cut back on corn, nitrates, sugar, and yeast. I learned so much over the year that I decided to go back to school and I am working on my holistic nutrition degree.

We have changed our lives a lot over the year and my blog will be changing also. In my research of food I have become more local and sustainable. I tripled my garden, learned how to pressure can. I made some great farmer friend where I learned how to butcher a cabrito and harvested honey from a hive.