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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Watch Jeffrey dive!

He was a little afraid to do this but I am pretty impressed with his skills.

Road trip, Disney, and a cruise!!!!!!!!!!

check out how small the boys are they fit in buzz's shoes

What a week! I am pleasantly exhausted. Grandma and I drove 1500 miles with 2 boys and survived. I am not sure how our parents survived road trips when I was young we must have played the grocery game a million times. Traveling with children today is easy. All I needed to pack was 2 gameboys, a dvd player, and some favorite toys and they pretty much ignored us the entire time. We just had to remember to throw a few food scraps at them every 2 hours or there would be hell to pay.

Disney is an awesome experience for someone on the gfcf diet. I ordered a hot dog no bun and the girl asked me if it was because of food allergies. Before I could blink she had called a manager and we had a new hot dog with a gf bun. Jordan was thrilled to be like everyone else. The next day we ordered a gf pizza but it was Amy's so real cheese I decided to let it go. They do carry tofutti ice cream though. The guest assistance pass is unbelievable and my brother also appreciated not having to wait in line with his barely 3 year old.

We went to the beach in between disney and our cruise and it was a great relaxing afternoon. Of course we had done the pool in the morning so maybe sun was becoming an issue.
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The cruise was unbelievably great. They went out of their way to take care of my son. They made him gf pizza every night. They didn't have the cf ability so I decided to just let it go the gluten free was what was the most important. I did notice more hand flapping and parifial eye movement but that could be because we were away from home for 10 days. This is the longest that Jordan has been away from home without making himself physically ill.

Jeffrey and I went snorkeling in Cozumel and Jordan went with aunt Tami, Kinsey, and grandma to touch dolphins.
Both boys and all the adults had wonderful experiences.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Tom and Jerry Saga

J is awesome at the computer. When he is at grandma's (which is a lot) he surfs the web. Tom and Jerry are his obsession at the moment. He has found a Tom and Jerry game that he would like to buy for the gameboy. He counted his money and figured not quite enough. Well... two weeks ago we had a garage sale and when he counted the money he made he knew exactly what to buy. I helped him go online to purchase a game from a seller on Amazon. He immediately went outside to wait for the mailman, remember it is only Saturday. We finally got him to come in by informing it would be here by next Saturday. I gave the games a whole week just in case there were any problems.

He drove me nuts all week. He practically attacked the mail lady every day. Around Thursday he was starting to get sad and lathargic. I emailed the seller to see when it was mailed so I could have a definate date, they were very nice, and we figured it would be here by Sat. On Sat I come home from work and there is a package in the mailbox I recognize the sellers name so I don't open it, big mistake. J opens the package takes one look at it and says "That is dumb" The game we got was for playstation2 it was tales of the crypt. Not really all that appropriate for a 7 year old. I emailed the seller immediately and they responded right away with a sorry please return and we will send again.

Well it is Saturday again and I am getting nervous. The boys are going on a 2 day car trip in 4 days and the game really needs to get here. I get home from work and there is another package in my box. This time I open it just in case. Tom and Jerry have arrived and the seller threw in a bonus game so now we have 2. I din't want to tell J yet because he needed to do a little work first. Of course the minute he saw me he started asking for the T&J game over and over and over and over and over again. I give! I tell him the games are here but he can't have them until we pack his suitcase. Well that didn't work, he starts hyperventalating and really stressed so I give again and he opens the package. We now have one happy little boy who really wants to get his work done so he can play.

Finally I say he can play and he was glued to his game until bedtime. I have to say other than the length of time(which really wasn't that long but J was driving me nuts) this seller was awesome! They responded to my emails, they resent the game with an extra, and they refunded my money (which they didn't need to do)
All that really matters is that Jordan is happy and he is!