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Friday, February 27, 2009

The Perfect Pizza Crust

I only wish. Tonight I tried Lisa Lewis's version it was not bad but not great. It was easy to spread out but not very fluffy. We have tried bobs again it was fine but not my favorite. So far the clear winner is 365 which is a whole foods brand. No surprise the closest WH is 2 hours away. I need to find a way to duplicate that recipe. Stay tuned for future winners.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Blue and Gold banquet

This is the big awards banquet for cub scouts. Of course it is a potluck but with a twist the pack provides pizza. I have to say this is a really dumb idea. We spend all of our money on pizza that is delivered an hour before we are even ready to eat so it is cold. I guess I can rant about that another day. The real challenge for me was gf friendly food. I made pizza for Jordan he loved it. I only got a few questions from people what it was. One father wanted the recipe I was impressed. I also made fake or real jello it depends on how you look at it. I use gelatin and 100% fruit juice. It was just as good but not as colorful but it was chemical free. I have another food to add to the list of edibles.

Monday, February 23, 2009

My first TACA meeting - awesome

I woke up today very excited. I am going to my first TACA meeting. The closest one is 80 miles away. Luckily I like to drive but we are having a snow storm today. We have 4 inches already and it is very windy. The boys are going to their dads. I am leaving extra early. The drive was no fun but I made it and what a treat that was. The topic tonight was diets. There was food to try and I learned a ton. One mom mentioned that she gets a great cookie mix at target. I of course stopped at Target before I headed home. The mix is for a sugar cookie company name was cherrybrook farm. I will let you know how it was after I make it. It is just nice to know there is a cookie mix that I can get relatively easy in the next town. I brought home several fruit bars for Jordan to try. I might as well give it up he is still very picky.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

lend 4 health

In case you were wondering what this is I am going to explain. Jordan needs medical attention and it is always a lot at a time. This company loans me interest free loans for a period of time that I pay back and any and all investors get there money back. I am asked frequently how can we help. This is a way and you get your money back through a third party so there isn't that funky money issue between family and friends. This loan this time is for an online DAN doc. A Dan doc runs 125 to 200 an hour. I am on a waiting list but they are talking another 6 months and the closest one is 2 hours away. The DAN Doc that runs this is wonderful I have read his books and listened in on his webinar. I have managed to get some of the tests for free due to studies and I really think this online doc is for me. He can write the necessary permission slips for tests and I get get the supplements I need with his prescription. It also has a huge parent forum which as you know most parents are better informed than the regular medical community.

gluten infraction

I was not sure if gluten free was working until last weekend. The school called me on Thursday Jordan was crying because some mother brought cupcakes to school and he really wanted one. Jordan's class has a no birthday food policy so why this even was allowed beats me. They said he was so upset so I decided there was no time like the present to test his tolerance. He ate the cupcake at 2:30 and by 4 he was hyper but not really anything major.

Later that night Jordan was biting himself which is something we haven't seen in a month. Jeffrey and Jordan were playing the wii and Jordan kept getting so upset and tried to bite Jeffrey several times. He also was crying uncontrollably. At one point he was hiding under the kitchen table, also something that had been gone. He went to schoolon Friday and I am not sure how he was there but that night he played what he calls hide and seek. It is really where he hides in a cubby that is part of our coffee table he only hides when he can't handle what is going on in his world. I just let him do it because I knew he needed it.

Saturday night his cousins came to visit. He did play with them but he seemed less tolerant than I had been seeing lately and when they went home he was very hard to console.

It took until Monday before I thought that he was over the agression that the one little cupcake had given him.

I sent the school a list of candy that was acceptable for his aids to give him. I really wish that they would quit giving him any food but it is ingrained in everyones brains that a kid is deprived if we don't give them sweets. Valentines day party at school went very well. I made gf cupcakes and he took them to school. The only mishap was before he went to school somehow a couple of cupcakes were dropped on the floor and the 13 mo old was very happy to eat it and so was the dog. Luckily we still had 4 left. I tinted the frosting with raspberry juice so it was a pretty pink. After school I let him eat 1 piece of candy and then threw the rest away and he hasn't asked for any yet.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

We Have Corn Dogs!

I did it we have corn dogs. My son wanted corn dogs so bad so I started researching how to make it and finally decided to just use BRM cornbread mix. It worked. Here is what I did. I dried the dogs and rolled them in cornstarch.

Then I tried dipping them in the batter. Didn't work to thick. I broke the dog in half. So I then just rubbed it on the dog and threw in the fryer

see how happy my son is.

Well I had a bunch of batter left so I started thinking. First I just made hushpuppies then I had some frozen dogs and diced them up and threw them in the batter. Success. My son had them for breakfast today and took them to school for lunch. I like the idea of dogpuppies because they are easier to make and a great snack size. all in all a good experiment.