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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

IEP, Aldi's, and the Red Baron!!!

Wow, 2015 already.

Life has really changed.  I work outside of the house now.  Not my favorite job but I love most of the people and it is good for me to get out.

Jordan is becoming the boy that I knew he could become.  We just had his yearly IEP and he has progressed enough to be removed from speech.  He is happy because now he doesn't have to give up his library time.  He is ridiculously tall for his age.  5'10"   His older brother is not happy about it.  The biggest issue I have with his height is how people look at him.  He still carries a toy into stores and has no filter on what he says.  I am working on that.  He says the same thing a five year old would say and not be considered rude but I get to apologize a lot.  He is trying to not hurt peoples feelings but things just pop out sometimes.  example:  last week we were at Aldi's and we got in line behind some women who didn't have enough money on their link card and had to put items back.  I was sadly not surprised by the items they returned.  They put back the meat and veggies but kept the 4 12 packs of soda and donuts.  Well anyways they kept roaming while the cashier was trying to help.  We even had to go get one lady out of the bathroom.  Who goes to the bathroom during checkout?  Jordan very loudly, cause he is always loud, says "what in the world is taking sooooo long?  I have to get home to see ________  (some TV show)"  I agreed but politely said sorry and then booked it out of their before those women.

The boys still have their Wednesday paper route.  I need to take a camera.  Last week Jordan was dressed as the Red Baron.  He had his aviator hat on and glasses.  He was walking kinda funny so I asked him what was wrong his reply "These glasses are hard to see out of.  No wonder so many pilots were shot down."  In Jordan's world everything is matter of fact.  Over Christmas he wore his Spiderman hoodie.  Of course he had to walk like Spiderman also.  I never thought we were going to finish.

Yesterday I arrived home from work to a snowman (kinda) in my driveway.  The snow wasn't the correct kind.  They dug a blob out and put his frosty hat and corncob pipe on.  The snowman originally had shoes but their papa came by and stole them.  Jordan was not happy and made me drive him to his house to get them back..

Jeffrey is excelling in High School.  He has all A's except for math which is a high B.  He is trying I am so proud of him.  We are looking into drivers Ed.  Wow not cheap.  I need $500 for this.