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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Nystatin is NOT fun

O.k. we have to take 5ml of nystatin twice a day. What a nightmare!!!! This stuff tastes awful. It is compounded in a xylitol base which makes it sweeter and it still sucks. First dose I didn't know better so I gave it to him in a med cup for him to drink and he immediately spit it out. Next I syringed it in but I had to hold him down sit on his legs and force it in. Again he spit it out. Next this is after 20 minutes I put in juice and he drank it. Now I am sure you are probably wondering why I don't always put it in juice well....let me tell you.

Second dose I put it in juice he refused it. Not only did he refuse the Nystatin but every other supplement we are giving him. I finally got all of them down and then after an epsom salt bath he had to take his probiotic. Big surprise I showed him how to swallow a pill and he did it on the first try. I just don't get it.

Sunday we start again: supernuthera-med cup liquid (refused)
flagly-syringe (fought me)
Nystatin-liquid in juice (drank under duress)
cal/mag-chewable (no problem)
enzymes-chewable (no problem)
carnitine-capsule (in juice with nystatin)
coQ10-capsule(with nystatin)
I am officially not having any fun!
Today is easter and I didn't buy any candy. I stuffed the eggs with change and dollar toys they didn't miss the candy.

Monday no school but they went to grandmas and I never saw them again. I just went next door during medicine time and that was it.

Today: what a fight at breakfast to get everything done but He wants the Nystatin in a syringe and he will just drink it.

It is grandmas birthday today so we have to make a cake.

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