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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Biscuits FINALLY!

I did it I made biscuits. Of course they were drop because I don't roll out anything. My son finally thinks I can cook. It took a lot of ingreds so I am not sure if it was worth it. I used brown rice, sorgum, amaranth,and tapioca. It also called for sugar which we need to cut out so although he liked them I will keep looking for a recipe.

We are having sleep issues again. I might have to go back to giving melatonin at night again. I haven't needed that since we took dairy out but.... My son seems to be extra afraid of the dark they already use nightlights but it isn't enough. I tried 2 nightlights still not enough. I had to leave the hall light on which I hate to do because you can see right in my house then. Solution by grandma get a 15 watt bulb and leave his light on all night. Well I did that and he did stay in his bed and didn't cry but when I did a bed check at midnight he was sitting straight up in bed. He wasn't making any noise just awake and he lost his pillow.

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