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Friday, April 24, 2009

Finally yeast die-off

I got my call from the school on wednesday to come get him. I knew it was coming he seemed a little off at breakfast. Anyways we had finished flagyl on tuesday and I just assumed it wasn't working but I am happy to say I was wrong.
At school he came late into class and was upset that everyone was ahead of him, usually this isn't an issue. He was mean to his aid that he decided he was naughty and changed his clip from green to orange. His aid just let him go because it wasn't worth a fight. O.k. I know you are wondering what is a clip. The school do a behavior chart like a stop light. Green=good; yellow=warning; orange=better be careful you are gonna be in real trouble and then red=BAD. As you can see he skipped yellow and went right to orange. The only thing he did was tell his teacher she was mean and didn't like him anymore. Well after that it only went downhill. He was crying uncontrollably and biting himself. That is about when they called me. I calmed him down and he seemed ok the rest of the day.
Thursday I kept him home from school just in case. He was fine and very happy to be at home. Finally at 4pm he pooped. Long and skinny with black sandy flecks. Lots of dead yeast.

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