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Monday, April 6, 2009

My First DAN appointment

I am so excited and a little nervous but I finally have an appointment. I am researching the results of my test. I am compiling the questions I need to ask so that I can keep the hourly cost down because as you know insurance doesn't cover.

The results to my OATS test were sent to my ped and she was not happy. I kinda find it funny. Jeffrey had to go in for a wart removal and she had all the test results. She is convinced that this test is from a supplement company trying to take my money because only medicine is approved. I brought to her attention that since Jordan went off dairy within 24 hours he was pooping and sleeping through the night and she said of course. [Speaking of poop I had to stop typing to go wipe a butt we still don't have that mastered but it is better than cleaning underwear] The funny thing is I think she is aware because when I mentioned excess yeast she mentioned probiotics not a medicine. She is like the typical doc who needs the scientific proof first not just some crazy mom who believes in what she is doing.


Lisa said...

I follow your blog post and just wanted to say good luck with your appt. We just had our first DAN doctor visit in March and our follow up a few weeks ago and it was great! He started B12 shots on Friday and he slept all night that night :) I would love to hear how your visit goes! Good luck! If you want join my page too :)

Best of Luck

Tori said...

FYI, I've heard lysine can help with warts. check out and do a search for warts.