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Monday, April 27, 2009

mom my head hurts

Jordan was doing pretty good all weekend until sunday night at bedtime. They were at their dad for 6 hours so I figured he was just wound from that, his brother always is.

Put him to bed and had to listen to him tell me how I don't like him anymore and grandma doesn't love him. This is his new thing he thinks he is bad and that no one loves him. I calmed down those fears and left his room. Immediately the scream crying started. I let it go like you would with a baby and about pulled out all my hair. Finally I checked on him and he said his head was going woosh woosh I wasn't sure what that meant but typically when he complains his head hurts something is wrong. He is also doing this fake little cough. I gave in and put him in my bed which is what he wanted to begin with. I heard his coughing for a while and then he went to sleep. Later when I went to bed I didn't want to wake him so I didn't turn on the light and climbed in bed. Immediately I felt something wet on the tail of his stuffed animal and my butt was wet. I turned on the light and guess what, no he didn't pee it was worse, he had thrown up. Lucky me I did smell it but it didn't register. I am so glad I put my hand down first. YUCK! This is when I love having kids. but it was my own fault he did say his head felt weird. Good news it did look like his dad fed him food that he was supposed to.

I am still trying to figure out what is the sleep issue I thought we got rid of those with dairy removal. I guess this is from the yeast dying. I just wish it would hurry up and die.

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