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Monday, December 1, 2008

Doctors, bandaids, oh my

Day 4 of no dairy. It may be wishful thinking but he is sleeping better. I slept a whole night, well almost my older son woke with a sore ear.

Jordan had his appointment with the allergist today of course Jeffrey decided he was sick and needed to see a Doc. I really liked the allergist he never told me I was stupid or wasting my money looking into biomedical treatments for my son's autism. I think I got the tests that I needed of course after he gave me the lab sheet I reviewed and made him add casein and gluten to the posibilities. It was kinda like my duh moment but I realized something I am strong enough to demand what I want. The Peds had already gone home and since Jeffrey cried through the entire appointment the allergist looked in his ear and said it did look angry in there. He didn't give me anything which is fine since I wouldn't fill it anyway. I am using good old fashion garlic oil drops. The kids hate it but I don't care it works.

Next comes the oh my part. Labs for Jordan. I have been through this before fun, fun, fun. I used to cry my way through them. They tried sitting him in a chair first not a good idea. Then it was on the table with me and 2 nurses, not good. Next we had 3 nurses and me laying on him such fun. He was squirming so much and so upset that he gave himself a bloody nose and screamed really loud but my favorite part is what he said. "I don't like you and the pins, you not nice." I know torturing your child is bad but I was so proud that as upset as he was he was telling me exactly what he thought.

Believe it or not homework was done relatively quickly tonight he had to write 6 words and only dropped his pencil 4 times on the floor.

Every night I get to hear from my broken record son I want a rattouille game.

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