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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

So long to glorious poop

Sorry to say it took almost a week before he would poop again but he sure managed yesterday. Luckily we were snowed in so the kids were home from school. The consistency was very soft. I haven't seen one like that in years. I have no idea how to get him to go. He believes that he is supposed to keep it in. He keep apologizing for not keeping it in.

Today at school they went on a field trip to a tree farm. It was a very cold day but the sun was shining and he said he had fun. He said the dog that was there ate his lunch. I am upset because he has an aid. Where was this aid? To top it off they offered all the kids hot chocolate. Luckily he declined but come on last I checked hot chocolate has some kind of dairy in it. He has a Dr note that says he is not to have dairy. I swear the school is so uninformed and no matter how many times I try they just don't want to meet with me.

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