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Friday, December 12, 2008

School calls I come a running

I get a call today at 3 Jordan had an accident and they don't have anything to clean him up. I have mom come over and watch the babies and rush to the school expecting a foul smelling mess. I get there and he has nothing in his underwear and only a little in his butt. Needless to say I am a little annoyed he has his own aid why couldn't she do it. The principal was gone and no nurse so the secretary said they weren't allowed to touch the kids. Give me a break. Yesterday the aid asked me if it was ok if Jordan leaned on her at the end of the day because he is just to tired to sit up. I hate that our world has come to this.

I talked to his aid about the field trip. I walked into school and just trapped her. It was about time we met. I asked about his lunch and the hot chocolate. She was on top of it. I feel so much better about her I really like his aid and his special teachers I am not so sure about his regular teacher. His mainstream teacher is very nice but she is a bit of an airhead.

I catered to Jordan's craving for pizza tonight. I used regular crust and galaxy rice cheese and pepperoni. He happily ate it. Next time I make pizza I am making a GF crust.

brk: cold cereal not GF, rice milk, and juice
lunch: bologna sandwich with smart balance lite spread, an apple, and juice
snack: raisins
Dinner: pepperoni pizza with rice cheese and juice

I know I know to much juice I am working on this also.

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