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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

10 days and counting

Fun fun fun we are at day 10. This gluten free is alot harder than cassein free. I have not been able to get Jordan to eat anything. He is craving sugar now so I assume we probably have a yeast problem also. He will only drink orange juice. I know not the best but I am able to put a scoop of tru-fiber from master supplements (great product) and 250 mg of carnitine in it. I need to get him on a good calcium and a b. He is getting his multi from hero nutritionals the gummy bears not the best but he does ask for them. I put in an order from Kirkman labs. I love that they have trial size of most major supplements I am going to try all flavors of super-nu-thera and see which one he will take.

Today he must have been craving gluten because that was all he wanted. He begged me for waffles and I made them using bob's all purpose mix the minute he smells them he literally gags. This is the 5th time I have tried I guess it is on to a different mix maybe it was the garfava flour that was to much. Everyone else in the house ate it. Poor Jeffrey he thought I was going to sneak him different food and lucky boy is also gluten free. The kiddos in my care are also gluten free and I see a difference in them. the baby is so happy. I have a feeling both girls are Celiacs but their mom just has them on acid reflux medicine. I don't believe any baby should have to be on reflux medicine at 6 weeks old. The older one is still on it and she is 3. Something else that a Dr. missed but us parents just say oh well they know best.

Todays lunch consisted of gf hotdogs and a banana and veggie chips. Jordan was the only one that got a bun but a 4-pack cost $5.99. Me and Jeffrey had out mouths hanging open from shock but Jordan ate the whole thing. This was a tapioca rice bun. Either he was really hungry or he is starting to give in.

new favorite snack; air popped popcorn sprinkled with nutritional yeast. Taste like cheese without the cheese.
oh yeah the bathroom is all figured out he goes now with no problem he just doesn't like to wipe his own butt. I am not complaining I am doing a happy jig. Jeffrey asked me tonight that since Jordan is finally going would I please quit praising him on his beautiful poop. I guess maybe it was taking over my life.
Happy New Year it should be a healthier one

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