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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Family christmas party

What an interesting day! The boys and grandma went to have breakfast with the Grinch. They served green scrambled eggs and ham and donuts. Jordan was so excited he even let them put some eggs on his plate. He sniffed it and tongue tip licked it and then decided it had to go. Grandma removed it from his plate but he did eat some ham not much but enough to consider it a new food for him. Jeffrey of course decided he wasn't going to try anything. Sometimes I wonder which one of my kids have food issues. I can't wait until we get all the crap out of the house the boys are gonna starve for a few days and then maybe they will start to eat healthy.

We drove to my brothers house 2 hours away with grandma and grandpa. I am not sure why but grandpa thought it would be a good idea to have a limburger sandwich before we left. Jordan walked into the house and said eww what is that smell? He smelled grandpa's breath and made him go brush his teeth after telling him that he was in so much trouble. Well you can see where this is going major gassy car ride. You have to remember Jordan has extra sensitive taste and smell sensories. Yup it was a long car ride.

When we get to my brothers the first thing Jordan asks for is some milk. They tell him we are out and he says OK. I brought along a can of Menudo in case he wouldn't eat anything else. I know this is a weird food for a sensory child. He loves this and luckily it is GFCFSF unfortunately is it $3.50 a can. When mom and dad go away for the winter I am going to make a big batch in their house. That way their house will smell not mine. He did eat some jello which I haven't taken away yet but I will. I have found that agar powder in juice will make a jello like dish I am going to try that but at $34.00 I think I will wait a bit on that.

I stocked up on yummy earth lollypops and drops to send to school because for some reason they want to keep giving him treats. I understand that speech teachers like the suckers because it get the mouth ready but come on the kids don't need any more crap.

Oh yeah if you were wondering about the party it went really well. I did notice that Jordan played better with his cousins. Usually when we go there he just finds a toy and plays with that and other than chasing them around he plays alone. This time he really did interact. He got the game for his gameboy that he really wanted so he is happy and doesn't need anything else for christmas. Unfortunately we left his blanket behind. Mark is going to bring it christmas eve but I am not sure we can wait. He did OK without it but it is a heavy blanket and gives him extra sensory input while he sleeps. I already gave a way my xray blanket that I got from the dentist so I need to find something else heavy but soft. I might be making a large rice filled blanket today.
bk: eggs, ham, donut(not gf) and juice
lunch and dinner: Menudo, juice, jello

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