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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

It's Snowing

Yippee we love snow here! It is so fun. Luckily I invested in a snowblower last year.

I actually tricked Jordan into having some rice milk on his cereal this morning. He didn't eat much but he didn't spit it out either. I guess that is progress. He was so funny. He wants to know when I would have enough money so that we could buy some milk. We are all telling him that we can't afford milk. He saw grandma with some money and begged her to please buy him some milk. Believe it or not he seems to be taking it well.

Perception is everything though. Jeffrey had cereal that he wouldn't eat because he thought I poured coffee creamer on it. It just happens to be the place I am hiding the milk. Once he figured that out he ate it just fine.

The nurse called today with Jordan's labs of course the lab didn't do all the tests so they need me to come back in. This is not the first time they did it wrong. I usually just forget about doing them but luckily this time it was an urine test. I just have to figure out how to get him to walk into the lab. I think I will try the hospital instead of the clinic.

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