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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Chicago here we come

Mom and I took the boys in to Chicago to do the holiday thing. Now remember at this point we are only CF. We went on Saturday because Sunday was going to be really cold. We made the mistake of taking the Ohio exit to go downtown because that goes right past some cool looking restaurants including the rainforest cafe with a huge frog on the roof. Any guesses where Jordan wanted to go. Of course Jordan is a broken record so I had to keep distracting him and a little bribing to keep him on task. We went down to Macy's the old Marshall Fields. They still had the windows and the big tree but they were not as good. It was especially noticable when we went in and the decorations weren't there. You used to walk in and feel that you were in an exclusive store.

We mailed a letter to Santa.
The highlight of the store was the escalators we did 8 floors and the boys thought that was the best ever. The boys took their picture in front of the big tree and then we went back down the escalator.
We stopped on the toy floor to use the bathroom. Jeffrey has a thing about horses and thought the stuffed one was really cool.
Any guesses where we went next. Surprise we went to the frog restaurant. I have to agree it is pretty cool. On the best days Jordan is already hard to feed. Now I have to find something no dairy. They have chicken tenders shaped like animals. I really didn't think he would eat them because they were not the correct shape so I got him a banana also. He surprised us all and said they were yummy. I guess if he gets hungry he will try it. Jeffrey of course had shrimp. Mom practically had her mouth hanging open she was so surprised.
We hopped in a cab for one last surprise. We took they to Navy pier and the children's museum. I love that place.

All in all we had a fun day. Of course the ride home was a nightmare it was double of what it should be. It got really windy and with all the snow already on the ground we had major whiteouts. FUN FUN FUN!

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