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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Jump start with DAN

I got my call from jumpstart which is the nurse affialiated with a Dan Dr. This call came on Tuesday and we decided that I would start NO DAIRY on Friday because Thursday was Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving was disappointing all Jordan wanted to do was play on the computer he didn't really run around with the kids.

Friday what a day. I want milk was first thing I heard. I had already hid all the milk so I just told him we were out. It seemed to work. Of course Jeffrey wanted cereal for breakfast the boy never wants cereal so I had to listen to him whine also about the lack of milk in the house. Which is really funny because jeffrey hates milk. The boys then went to grandma's to play with their cousins and she hadn't hid the cheese or yogurts yet. Luckily the milk was already put in coffee creamer containers. We distracted him all day from dairy unfortunately we just gave him gluten foods but I guess one step at a time. Three weeks dairy free then during christmas no more gluten. By afternoon he seemed o.k.

I woke up this morning to a cock a doodle do. It was my son telling me to get up. He got in bed with me and we had a conversation it was wonderful . He seems to be talking better already and when he asked for milk I just told him we were out.

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