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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Where did the agression go?

I am at a crossroads with this gfcf diet. I was not sure it was doing any good. I saw immediate results with taking dairy out but not so sure about gluten. I am at the point of frustration Jordan is not eating and he is so lethargic. Then my mom called and asked how the boys were getting along during the break from school. Well this made me think. There hasn't been any fighting. Hmm I wonder! I started to think. Has Jordan screamed for no reason lately? NO! Has Jordan bitten his brother? NO! Has Jordan hit his brother? NO! WooHoo this is working!! The only really bad behavior has been when we play games and he loses but instead of screaming he just looks really sad and tries not to cry.

I should be getting my shipment from kirkmans this week. This should be fun trying to get him to take supplements. I bought all flavors liquid and powder in trial size he is bound to like something. Here is a starter guide that is a good place to start. download and read the beginners manual.

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