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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Oats test in the mail

Finally!!! The doctor called at 4 yesterday and we ran over to get the form. Of course it wasn't filled out correctly. All she had to do was sign it and add her phone number and put an I99 number. No number. I give it back for her to add a number and she goes off on her receptionist which of course I can hear. "I signed it what more does the mother expect" I comment to the other recptionist that maybe it was time I found a new doc and she went back and I heard her say "You know the mother can hear you and she isn't happy" The nurse came out then and asked exactly what I want and then she did it for me. I don't think it is the correct number and I am going to ask the girls in my biomedical group for the correct number and just do it myself.
One good thing though I was pissed enough and never really liking her to begin with so I am calling other DRs in town and getting a new one. I just really hate to start over. I checked with Dr. Usman the Dan dr and I am on her waiting list maybe eventually I will get in to see her.
Well we took the test today. He loves to pee in a cup, go figure. I am just waiting for Fed ex to come pick it up. Nothing like having a cup of pee in the fridge.

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Tori said...

Awesome! Let us know what the results are! :)