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Sunday, March 15, 2009

He can swing

We were outside working in the yard today and I looked over at the boys and they were swinging. I was shocked Jordan was swinging all by himself. I asked him how did you learn to swing his answer "mom you taught me, remember" I have been teaching him for 3 years with no success but now that his fog is lifted he just knows these things. I am so proud. Next we are going to ride a bike without training wheels. We tried today and he really wasn't interested he would rather run behing his brothers bike than ride his own.
food today; breakfast; menudo snack: apple lunch:hotdogs and chips and (broc) Dinner: bacon, eggs, sausage


Tori said...

That is awesome! My little boy just started swinging a couple of weeks ago too! CONGRATS!

Kristina said...

To bad I can't test his swinging ability again because winter just won't go away.