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Thursday, March 5, 2009

school yeah right

Today started out on a high note. The boys ride to school was cancelled. It was a beautiful day today 43 degrees and not windy. The walk to school isn't that far we used to walk it everyday before I got a new baby. I practically had to throw the boys out of the house. Jordan went crying and screaming down the road, poor Jeffrey he gets screwed so many times. After about 10 minutes and them only making it 3 houses and one of the neighbors yelling at Jeffrey to get his brother to stop crying I called Jordan home. Needless to say no school for Jordan today.

He spent most of the morning hitting himself in the head or biting his arm because he thought he was a bad boy for not going to school. I don't know what is going on. I am afraid he is regressing. I really hate regression because every time it happens it is right after a really good spell.

I can't figure out if we got something wrong lately or if this is normal. I am out of super nu thera so maybe that is it. He will only eat eggs so maybe that is it.

On a good note we found a waffle that he likes. Vans fozen waffles -- yum.

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