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Friday, March 26, 2010


I learned all about kefir grains at the westin price conference in the fall.  I finally ordered some and they finally came.

The grain came in a baggie with maybe 10 grains and some starter milk.  The grains look like very tiny cauliflower with the consistency of tapioca.

add the grains to a quart jar and fill with milk.  Let this sit for 24 hours and strain.  Please make sure that no metal touches the grains it will kill them.  The first couple of time I had to wait more than one day because I didn't have enough grains but now it is done in a day.

I like it plain but you can add fruit to it and make it like a smoothie.  I have added maple syrup or honey also but today it is just kefir and frozen raspberries.

If anyone would like some grains I have a bunch to share just let me know

If you wait a few days until the whey separates then you have kefir cheese.  This can be used on a salad and the whey can be used to ferment vegetable or the liquid is good in soup or anywhere water is used.  I have also heard that it makes a great face wash.

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