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Friday, April 2, 2010

It is a BLUE day!

Today is Autism awareness day and everyone is supposed to wear blue.  This has mainly been formed by Autism Speaks which I am not fond of, but any awareness for autism is good in my opinion.

Autism speaks is way to big and they only believe in medical and genetics.    The top  officers make 6 figures which I find ridiculous.  It is almost as if Autism is the new Cancer as far as a money maker for officers.  As a mom who has used biomedical and seen extreme improvements I really believe this should be funded more.  How much does it really cost a parent to take their child off of dairy for a week.  You will know whether this will improve constipation or not within 3 days.

I put my money behind TACA which is volunteer and parent run and all money goes towards educating parents.

Generation rescue is another really good one.  This is Jenny McCarthy and Jim careys charity.  They give grants to families to start them on the biomedical journey.  Each grant is 2500 and covers a DAN doc and necessary supplements and testing for 6 months. 

My other favorite is Lend 4 Health.  Tori Tuncan is an amazing woman.  She started a lending blog for people like me.  I received a loan to get Jordan a Dan doc and I have already paid it back.  The 5th of every month is cinco de linco where it is requested that you loan $5 to a child.  These are interest free loans and they have all been paid back.  Autism treatment is expensive and insurance covers none of it so help out after all it is just a loan.

Tonight the Empire state building will be lit blue.

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