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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

mac n cheese

We are trying mac n cheese tonight. I got the recipe from
hers looked so yummy. I had to leave out the herbs, wine, crumbs, and tomatoes. Jeffrey really liked it but Jordan just kept smelling it. He didn't react badly but no real eating involved. He ended up just eating a banana and chips.

Last Saturday I made muffins. I used the gluten free pantry mix. Jordan just kept pointing to the picture on the box. I guess mine didn't look the same. I have a challenge coming up this weekend. The boys have a birthday party to go to at my least favorite place, that mouse place and I won't be there. Take a kid with major sensory issues, sight and sound, and make him act normal yeah right. I finally got their dad to take them to the kids museum instead. I am going to have to make pizza and cake for them to take. I hope their dad only feeds them what I send.

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