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Thursday, January 15, 2009

"Am I a man"

This seems crazy but since Jeffrey had a birthday a couple of days ago we are all gung ho about being a man. My son won't quit asking questions which is great BUT the questions he asked are cute on a 3 year old not so cute on a 6 year old. "Mom are you a man" No I am not. " Are you going to turn into a man." No honey I am not. "Then why do you have hair on your mouth?" After I pull myself up off the floor I realize that I must have missed a few. Gotta love the innocence of my kid.

We took Jeffrey and his little friend to the local childrens discovery museum. I love that place. They have a wall of clear pcp pipes hooked up to a fan. The kids put scarves and nerf balls in there and watch them fly. I want one in my own house. My other favorite is the educational pinball machine.

It has been so cold here lately that we had 2 snow days due to cold weather. Let me tell you how bad that is. To cold to send the kids outside and I have extra mouths to feed and we are out of toilet paper. I do send my son next door for some and he comes back with a half roll. I guess he just took it out of the bathroom.

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