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Monday, January 12, 2009

tests and supplements and parties

Let me start with the party. I happened to be in Chicago anyways so I stopped at whole foods and bought several things. I tried Ians pizza bread and added meat and more cheese to it. I called chuck e cheese and got permission for him to bring in his own pizza and they even heated it up for him. Oh my gosh let me tell you he loved it. All he talks about is the pizza and how he wants more. Of course I only bought one since they were 5.99 and the store is 2 hours away. Oh well I can always order from co-op by the case.

Received a call from the nurse today all tests came back fine. His urine was tested for glucose and proteins everything was fine. Let me tell you about getting the urine in the first place. I sometimes forget that my son is very literal. We talked that morning before he went to school that we were going to go pee in a cup that night. I tried to make it seem fun and not scary so I mentioned that he better not pee on my hand. Of course he thought that was funny. We went to the lab at 6. He kept looking at his pants when it dawned on me that he had to pee really bad. I asked when he peed last and he said before breakfast. O.K. that was 11 hours ago. He said he couldn't go because I said he had to pee in a cup. Sometimes I forget. Oh yeah I am sure you were wondering if he peed on my hand. Let me put it this way my hand, the wall, the floor,and the cup.

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