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Monday, May 24, 2010

Jordan's party

Jordan had an early birthday party so he could invite his school friends.  We had his party at Open Bible play area.  I love that place it is like a secret.  It was a small party he had 4 friend his brother and two cousins.  One boy A. was out of control.  His mom didn't do anything about it either.  The bright part was N. who is one of Jordan's favorite friends.

OK can anyone guess what the cake was?   Anyone?    Really you can't guess!  Take a look

You got it right it is a gluten free spiderman cake.  I have to admit I am getting good at it.

The party was fun.  Now about Jordan's friend N.  He was the most caring 7/8 year old I have met.  My son was buried in the balls because he likes the feel of it but his friend was concerned that the boys were being to loud.  I am almost positive that if Jordan said yes N. would have made everyone be quiet.  Another impressive incident was when 3 boys were playing catch Jordan so they could throw him in the ball pit and A. joined in and upset Jordan.  He was giving him a wedgie.  The other boys let go except A. because they could see Jordan had enough.  N. grabbed A's arm and said "Leave him alone he can only take so much."  I love that little boy.  He protected my son in first grade from a bully and he always acknowledges my son when he sees him in public.   Jordan's aid also showed for the party and N. ran up to him to inform her that Jordan was playing with him.  I hope next year that Jordan gets to keep both Mrs. Cline and N. in his class.

Now lets eat cake!!!!

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