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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

We Have Corn Dogs!

I did it we have corn dogs. My son wanted corn dogs so bad so I started researching how to make it and finally decided to just use BRM cornbread mix. It worked. Here is what I did. I dried the dogs and rolled them in cornstarch.

Then I tried dipping them in the batter. Didn't work to thick. I broke the dog in half. So I then just rubbed it on the dog and threw in the fryer

see how happy my son is.

Well I had a bunch of batter left so I started thinking. First I just made hushpuppies then I had some frozen dogs and diced them up and threw them in the batter. Success. My son had them for breakfast today and took them to school for lunch. I like the idea of dogpuppies because they are easier to make and a great snack size. all in all a good experiment.

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