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Sunday, February 15, 2009

lend 4 health

In case you were wondering what this is I am going to explain. Jordan needs medical attention and it is always a lot at a time. This company loans me interest free loans for a period of time that I pay back and any and all investors get there money back. I am asked frequently how can we help. This is a way and you get your money back through a third party so there isn't that funky money issue between family and friends. This loan this time is for an online DAN doc. A Dan doc runs 125 to 200 an hour. I am on a waiting list but they are talking another 6 months and the closest one is 2 hours away. The DAN Doc that runs this is wonderful I have read his books and listened in on his webinar. I have managed to get some of the tests for free due to studies and I really think this online doc is for me. He can write the necessary permission slips for tests and I get get the supplements I need with his prescription. It also has a huge parent forum which as you know most parents are better informed than the regular medical community.

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