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Sunday, February 15, 2009

gluten infraction

I was not sure if gluten free was working until last weekend. The school called me on Thursday Jordan was crying because some mother brought cupcakes to school and he really wanted one. Jordan's class has a no birthday food policy so why this even was allowed beats me. They said he was so upset so I decided there was no time like the present to test his tolerance. He ate the cupcake at 2:30 and by 4 he was hyper but not really anything major.

Later that night Jordan was biting himself which is something we haven't seen in a month. Jeffrey and Jordan were playing the wii and Jordan kept getting so upset and tried to bite Jeffrey several times. He also was crying uncontrollably. At one point he was hiding under the kitchen table, also something that had been gone. He went to schoolon Friday and I am not sure how he was there but that night he played what he calls hide and seek. It is really where he hides in a cubby that is part of our coffee table he only hides when he can't handle what is going on in his world. I just let him do it because I knew he needed it.

Saturday night his cousins came to visit. He did play with them but he seemed less tolerant than I had been seeing lately and when they went home he was very hard to console.

It took until Monday before I thought that he was over the agression that the one little cupcake had given him.

I sent the school a list of candy that was acceptable for his aids to give him. I really wish that they would quit giving him any food but it is ingrained in everyones brains that a kid is deprived if we don't give them sweets. Valentines day party at school went very well. I made gf cupcakes and he took them to school. The only mishap was before he went to school somehow a couple of cupcakes were dropped on the floor and the 13 mo old was very happy to eat it and so was the dog. Luckily we still had 4 left. I tinted the frosting with raspberry juice so it was a pretty pink. After school I let him eat 1 piece of candy and then threw the rest away and he hasn't asked for any yet.


Tori said...

Often it takes an infraction for us to realize how far things have come! :) It helps us stay strong for the future.

By the way, my son hides under tables and in a little "cubby" spot we have in our IKEA bookshelf.

Sometimes he doesn't seem to need to do it and other times he's doing it a lot. Since you've seen a decrease in it with your son, I'm going to pay closer attention and see if I can figure out whether there's a trigger for that or not. May be a food intolerance or something?


Kristina said...

He used to do this the most when he had to go to the bathroom. Since we have lost most of our constipation issues since taking dairy out he seems to have lost the need to hide.