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Sunday, February 20, 2011


This post is a little slow but I was busy shoveling and then forgot.  We ended up with 14 inches in 10 hours.  The best part was my kids knew there would be no school so they stayed at grandmas.  It was like a mini vacation in the middle of the week.

My poor dog wanted to go out but could not figure out how.

Next I need to feed my rabbits.  First I have to find them.  They were covered extra well and had extra straw for a nest but I still wasn't sure what I would find.  Of course Jordan thought he would help so I am glad they were all alive.

Next I needed some walkways.  To the rabbits, for the dog, and to the neighbors.
When I was done it looked like hamster trail but for people.

I found the whole event entertaining.  I did hire someone, or I should say my parents did, to come and plow our driveways because the snow was taller than my snowblower.  I am forever grateful but I still got a really good workout.

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