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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Front yard gardening

I have several gardens this year.  Here are the ones in my front yard.

This is the salad garden:  chiogga beets, european spicy mesclun, salad burnet, arugula, salad bowl(green and red), romaine(cos) and assorted flowers.

Here is my bird bath.  It is surrounded by Yarrow(makes great tea), kale (flowering and regular), red cabbage, borage, and a blue flower.

Next is my strawberry tower.  This was in my brain and my brother helped me build it.  This would work better but the squirrels seem to enjoy sitting in it and digging.

Next is my 2 planters on either side of the garage.  They each hold a sweet potato plant and a habanero plant.

Next is what the neighbors probably call a mess but it is one of my 3 herb gardens.
Left to right
chives, red cabbage, catnip, borage, lovage(6+ feet tall), sweet woodruff, chocolate mint, hyssop, sage

There is another mint bed squeezed in front of the garage this one holds orange mint and clematis

I have some planters one each step and several lining the driveway but no pictures yet.  I only wish my neighbors would cut down their huge annoying and ugly pine tree so that I could use more of my front yard.  I have a full front yard and almost everything is edible but it doesn't look like it would be.