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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

What an opportunity!

My neighbors at market from K-Lee bar farm raise dairy goats and with fall approaching they were going to need to butcher some goats or have to buy hay. They offered to let me help. Now would be the time to stop reading if you get squeamish.

I woke up Sunday both a little excited and a little nervous about butchering day. I was really going for the experience but came home with a goat that I butchered. I almost feel guilty but what a great way to get meat that I know has no chemicals added and fed and treated humanely.

When I arrived Lisa already had one skinned and hanging there I was pleasantly surprised that it didn't gross me out. My theory is after 7 years of extremelly gross bathroom issues with my son I can do anything now.

We started our goats I didn't enjoyed the amount of innards at first but by the end I wanted to dissect them. The skinning took me a good 40 minutes I can't believe how fast others can do this. I learned a lot about anatomy and very fascinated, next time if I get invited again I am bringing an anatomy book so I can name the parts.

I have to say this is a skill I am happy to announce that I enjoyed learning. Yesterday I worked with the kidneys to see what I could do. This is where the chef in me came out. I marinated them in lemon juice for a while to pull out any impurities and soften. Next I tried them 3 ways. I tried them raw and I actually enjoyed them, I tried them in a rice dish but I was out of rice so I used quinoa again not bad, and then I tried one cut in half and I skewered it and bbq it. The bbq version was my favorite. They are very rich and tasty.

Today I am playing with the heart. I am also soaking in lemon juice then I am going to cut in half and flour the slices so that I can quick saute and then I am going to let them simmer for a good hour with carrots and onions and celery all from my garden.

The liver is next on my list. I am eating some for dinner tonight and then I am going to freeze the rest so that I can grate some into Jordans muffins so he can get some extra iron and minerals.

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