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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Update poop, rabbits, and sleep

We are doing better now. The diarrhea had stopped. I got the privilege of seeing the stretchy strings of yeast in his poop. No I didn't take a picture but only because my toilet wasn't that clean. I really have my own issues with poop. My kids find it perfectly normal for me to have my head in the toilet to see what it looks like. Pretty pathetic I know. The worst part is I have a home daycare and I can tell by looking at the poop who forgot to flush. I even know my dogs poop from my moms dog. According to Jeffrey he thinks I should get a life and find something better to obsess about. I just keep reminding him that in the olden days doctors diagnosed a sick child by looking at their poop. Insert rolling of eyes here.

The rabbits are getting bigger and have dug their way out but they are to well fed to run away. Yesterday I couldn't find the boys even though I could here them and they were in the rabbit cage. A really good place for them.

Jordan went on a field trip today to a farm. No there was no pigs! I got the biggest laugh out of that. The school sent home a note specifying that there was no pigs on the farm. The funniest part is we are a farming community how stupid people really act when they buy into the media hysteria. According to Jordan "no pigs allowed" I asked him if there was pigs on the farm and I guess that is what he was told. Of course his aid called during the trip because everyone was having ice cream and he wanted some. Now why couldn't they tell me this ahead of time I had ice cream in my freezer that he could have brought along. I caved because I know it only takes 3 days to get out of his system compared to the months it takes gluten.

We are still having sleep issues. Every night about 4 am he wakes up screaming so I let him get in my bed. I am trying to figure it out. I put him back on Melatonin and I will give it a week to see if this makes a difference. It could just be because grandma and grandpa are going on vacation for 10 days and he doesn't think they are coming back. We printed up their itinerary and have it all mapped out so we will be OK unless they decide to stay longer. They can't stay longer though because I need them to watch the kids Sunday so I can go to autism one. They aren't seeing their dad very often anymore and he moved to a new house so I have the feeling that he thinks they are just going to disappear.

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